Corporate Case Studies

SatStream has evolved over two decades of service to the industrial and corporate communications sectors, to now become one of Australia’s premium remote broadband delivery providers.

Our focus in developing SatStream is to provide Mining and Oil and Gas industry groups operating within Australia and SE Asia with a total communication network solution for the delivery of:

  • Toll Quality Telephony
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Email, EFTPOS and Fax services
  • Corporate VPN Services
  • VoD content delivery services and
  • On-Going Remote Support and Maintenance

The single most important component in the successful deployment of any network, the driving force behind the network, is the ability to deliver value added content in the form of properly supported applications and services.

Carbon Energy Limited (CNX)

SatStream is proud to be associated with Carbon Energy by providing Telephony and Internet VPN services to their "Under Ground Coal Gasification Plant" located 50Klms west of Dalby QLD. SatStream currently provides and maintains an 8 trunk VoIP Telephony service via a MITEL IP-PBX and all Internet services into the site. The current link is a 1Mb duplex which is soon to be expanded into a 2Mb Duplex link when full production commences in 2011.

Portman Iron Ore Limited (PIOL)

SatStream was asked to upgrade Portman's existing microwave link between Windarling and Koolyanobbing from 16Mbps to 155Mbps. Portman only had a 2Mb OPTUS VSAT feed into Windarling and a 2Mb TELSTRA Frame relay tail into Koolyanobbing. In addition the 16Mb link between the two mine sites were using out-dated ALCATEL microwave equipment which was not redundant and no longer supported for spare parts, resulting in extended communications failures when any part of the link failed. Our solution was to upgrade the 120Klm link between the two sites by installing two 100Mbps redundant channels using the latest Moseley Microwave radios.

CLIFFS Natural Resources Limited (CLF)

Cliffs Natural Resources Limited acquired Portman's Iron Ore in January 2009 and decided that they needed to connect Koolyanobbing to Perth Head Office, however they did not have corporate approval for a new link from Koolyanobbing back to the nearest NEXGEN fiber point located in Southern Cross WA. SatStream resolved this by leasing the new 200 Mb link to Cliffs over a six year period, for less than what they were paying TELSTRA for their 2Mb tail. Cliffs are now saving thousands per month in operating costs and have increase their capacity by 100 times. Response time over the network between Perth HO and Windarling is less than 10ms and all site phones are now extensions of the HO IP-PBX, so all on-net calls are now free.

IT staff at Koolyanobbing are now able to for the first time, to back up the servers at Windarling. In addition, SatStream has implemented 24 x 7 automatic monitoring system that can immediately notify our service staff of the exact location of any fault in the network and take action to repair the network, whereas previous response time was 1-2 days for a service out of Kalgoorlie.